Battery Vesna Premium Truck 12V – 100 AH (D+)

Battery Vesna Premium Truck 12V - 100 AH (D+)

Vesna Premium is a battery manufactured using Ca / Ca expansion technology. With its reliability and safety, it represents a versatile battery that offers excellent power, performance and cold start reliability. The high-quality Vesna Premium product satisfies the needs of all modern vehicles. The battery has a charge indicator (magic eye) that allows users to monitor the status at any time, a larger number of panels provides 30% higher boot capacity. It also has an improved service life in cyclic operation with the help of a multifunctional coating on the positive plates, which prevents peeling of the active material. The anti-explosion insert prevents the ingress of flames or sparks from the environment. The battery is an ideal choice for vehicles with a lot of electrical equipment.


Performance: 100 Ah
Starting current: 900 A
Dimensions: 353x175x190 mm
Weight: 22,3 kg

Weight 22.3 kg


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