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chip tuning

Do you want to increase engine power or improve vehicle speed?

If you are interested in increasing engine power or increasing speed, contact us as we can help you.

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Chip tuning works by reading, updating and re-writing the program of your tractor’s engine computer. Updates are performed by optimally adjusting the injection parameters, pressure, fuel quantity and torque limiter.

By applying such software changes, the performance of turbo diesel engines can be increased by 5 to 30% and torque by 5 to 25%. The torque curve also has better performance in the low and medium speed range. The reduction in fuel consumption can be 5 to 18% in this case.

Tractor diagnostics <br> John Deere

Tractor diagnostics
John Deere

Raising the engine power  <br> of all brands of tractors

Raising the engine power
of all brands of tractors

Tractor diagnostics John Deere

Does your John Deere cause troubles or occasionally does not behave as you expect? Call for diagnostics, we will detect the fault and fix it. We can also perform preventive diagnostics, numerous tests and calibrations.

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